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Lowell Summer Fun!

For the past 12 years I have spent three or more weeks of my summer at the Lowell Summer Camp. It has become like a second home to me and every year I look forward to seeing old campers that were in my group from previous summers and even counselors that I used to be campers with. I spent 9 years as a camper, two as a CIT, and this summer is my first as a counselor. I absolutely love Lowell and being able to come to work and know I'm going to have a good time. As a girl who used to be a camper I understand the importance of being a good, engaging, and attentive counselor to enable the campers to have a wonderful time. Therefore, as a counselor I am able to give the amazing camp experience filled with trips to the creek, arts and crafts, outdoor games, choices, dance parties, and swim time, that my counselors gave to me. Each day I am responsible for making sure the have a wonderful, fun and safe time at camp and I am so happy to be able to make an impact on these kids and help them make unforgettable memories of their time spent at Lowell Summer Camp.

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