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Host a Fundraiser to benefit a local charity

Have a birthday party or holiday celebration coming up? Ask guests to bring items to donate to your charity of choice instead of presents, or set up a donation box for small change. It can make a difference!

Write to your political representative

Reps want to hear from their constituents and what they’re interested in – that’s their job! However, they can’t tackle poverty or climate change singlehandedly – what they really want is to know what they can personally do about it. Write to them, or even ask for a meeting with them, and show them what you think they should be focusing on

Use your creativity

Photography, arts and crafts, dance, theatre, sports, street art. Almost anything can be turned into an activist project. Are you a visual artist? Have an art show for a cause. A performer? Produce a benefit concert. What are you good at? Translate it into civic activism!


Is a charity you love having a rally or protest? Show up! At community events, “young people have [a] distinct advantage...they stand out in the usual crowd of adults;” politicians, policy-makers, and local business leaders often like to hear from the younger generation, so your presence and voice will certainly be valued.

New to Little Things Big Impact? No problem! Below, we have compiled a list of tried and true ways to get involved for first-time change makers.

How to help

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bring social justice to your school

Should you have the freedom to decide how to structure a school project, choose to design something that benefits your community. Plan and launch a PSA campaign on anti-bullying, make a poster that educates others about homelessness, or organize an event with motivational speakers.


Help out at an adoption event. Read to kids at a children's hospital. Walk dogs at your local animal shelter. But whatever you do, do it passionately. 

Seek out opportunities through your school, online listings, and personal connections. Don’t see any vacancies? Take initiative! Reach out to organizations and express interest in learning from them. If you still can't decide, shoot us an email and we can help find a volunteer opportunity you'll love. 

Run for office

Student government is a great opportunity to have a positive impact in your school and learn about how government works on a small scale. But, elected positions are not the only way to get involved; you can also become involved in groups like the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), peer training or other task forces that are working to improve your school. 

utilize social media

Bringing publicity to your issue amplifies the message, gets more people concerned and potentially has a greater impact. You can write a press release, do an interview, write an op-ed in the local paper or invite a reporter to see what they are doing and write something about it. This sharpens your  message and serves to bring that message to a larger group of people.

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