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Welcome to Books On Shelves!

Welcome to Little Things Big Impact: Books On Shelves! Little Things Big Impact aims to inspire people of all ages to do the little things to make a big impact in their communities. Reading allows a perspective that is often not afforded by the people in our day to day lives. Reading as well informs about worldly matters that are not spoken about in schools. Books On Shelves hopes to inspire people to read and gain awareness on themselves, others and the past and present society we live in to build a foundation of knowledge that will enable them to make an effective impact on their communities.


Every Sunday, I will share/suggest a good book from either my shelf or your shelves. Be on the look out for week one of Books on Shelves next Sunday, August 16th! Feel free to dm @littlethingbigimpact on instagram or email with any book suggestions!


Happy Reading!


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