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STEP is a true story about a step team that was started by a group of young black girls growing up in Baltimore City. It was an inspirational and truthful story that covered the basis on racism, poverty, courage, selflessness, perseverance, and sisterhood. STEP is presented as more of a documentary than a movie. It takes you into the lives of young black woman that go through so much, but when they walk into the small gym of there all girls school it's all about STEP. There not worried about the lights being out, no food in the house, or getting into college. All there focus and energy is on the team, and the flow of there bodies moving as one instrument. STEP is an outlet for them. When they come to practice they are taught more than just how to step. They are taught respect, self respect, how to be a woman, to stay focus and never give, and that it's never too late. The Principal, the step coaches, and the teachers are not just there to teach them. They hold them up, they push them to be better.They call them out when they are wrong, they are always there for them and never give up on them, even when the girls start to give up on themselves. Overall STEP was a movie that you have to go see and than go home and watch it again. Sometimes we forget, but STEP reminded me that we never know what someone is going through. You might be able to empathize with STEP, and you might not, but either way you will walk away with a different perspective on life and new outlook that you never really thought . LOOK BELOW TO WATCH THE TRAILER AND TO VISIT THE WEBSITE.

TWITTER @stepthemovie

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