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Communication in Covid-19

Hi guys! During this difficult time many nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement homes have closed their doors to outsiders to keep their residents safe and healthy. This means that the residents are unable to see and visit with their families face to face.

The main ways of communication due to social distancing and quarantine has been virtually through skype, zoom, Ft and more. LTBI and Lowell School have found that many people in these facilities do not have resources such as tablets and IPads to communicate with their families virtually.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered in finding facilities in MD and DC in need of these resources and are donating IPads that come set up with skype and zoom to enable residents to communicate with their loved ones. We have reached out to other schools in the area to ask them for help, as well as our Instagram community!

If you guys have any devices that you are willing to donate or any questions please don't hesitate to contact me:

on instagram @littlethingsbigimpact or

by email:

Praying for your good health and safety during this uncertain time!!

(Happy Easter if you celebrate!)

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