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In Loving Memory

The night before this picture was taken I found out my Uncle Doug passed away, and right before that I helped my basketball team beat one of our rivals. My uncle Doug was a huge inspiration to me, he served in the army, he never missed a birthday or a Christmas, he would send me quotes or articles he knew would interest me, and he would always make sure I was okay. I didn't know he was sick, nor was I afforded the opportunity to say good bye. But, I found comfort within my friends, family and the school events surrounding the news. That night the entire 10th grade had a sleepover. We ate, laughed, danced and just enjoyed each others company, which helped lift my spirits. As well as the next day we did a service project bagging lunches for homeless people, while they go about their day. My uncle stressed heavily in giving back to the community and it brought me peace to be able to honor him in that way. The little things he did for me to show that he truly cared about me and my future made a huge impact on my life. Even though he is gone, I know they will stick with me for the rest of my life and for that I am grateful.

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