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Basketball with a Special Friend

Most Saturdays, when I am not at a basketball game, or at my AAU team practice, I go to get an extra workout. It’s one intense hour from 11-12, but before my workout with the older kids, the younger kids come to workout from 10-11. I enjoy getting there early to help the younger kids because it is fun interacting with the kids and watching them learn new skills. One morning I got there around 10:35 and one of the coaches was having a hard time with a special needs kid. He was four years old and not really getting anything out of the workout. The coach couldn’t really reach him in the way he needed to be reached, so I asked if I could help. I passed with the little boy and got him to participate at the end when the coach was going over what we learned that day. I really enjoyed working with him and I could tell he was having fun. I love basketball and am privileged to play, so when teaching someone else something you love it makes the game even better.

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